Abu Dhabi with Mulatu!

A nice way to escape the UK winter was to play this wonderful arts event with Mulatu Astatke and the crew for a couple of nights!..and now back to the cold of London!

Engineering for Yoruba language app

It's really great to be working on this project, today I was recording Yoruba speakers (of all dialects!) for a great new app!...its way over time to improve my Yoruba too!!

Survived my 5-gig weekend!

Exhausted but overwhelmed at such an amazing run of gigs - 5 in a weekend is a first for me! (or am I just a lightweight?) I'm honoured to have played with such an incredible array musucians in such a short space of time :-) Kari Bannerman, Tony Kofi, Curtis Ruiz, Andrew McCormack, Jason Yarde, Thomas Gould, Mosi Conde,Ayo Dele Edwards, Mike Dunne, Tomasz Bura and last (but not definitely least) Adedeji Adetayo..!

Raw Drumming/Balafon ft. MOSI CONDE!

Its going to be a heavy, heavy night as I'm HONOURED to be joined by the great MOSI CONDE and members of KIARA KORA AFRICA, in Covent Garden this Saturday night!

Afrojazz Afrobatical Saturday Morning!

Looking forward to a sharp Saturday morning set with these SUPREMELY STERLING musicians outside Morleys Homestore in Tooting this Saturday 14th Nov! 11am - 11:45am

More Benin & Togo drums...

There should be some more of these on their way to my shop soon!..soon!!!shop/c6sc

Ethiopean Embassy Reception

A wonderful evening with Dr Mulatu Astatke and the amazing band at the Ethiopean Ambassador's reception at London's Porchester Hall!...I love Injera and Ethiopean food more and more!!...was a great relief to have my own set up and not any hired drums!!

Hospital Healing Workshops

Looking forward to returning to Derby Hospital again next week, for more uplifting workshops with healing stroke patients..the power of drumming and music is just amazing!

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