Incredibly resonant twin bells, central to much traditional Igbo music, available in a variety of sizes. A soft rubber-woven wooden beater is included with the largest size. 


The bell can produce a wide range of tones depending on which part they are struck.


Ideal as a more organic replacement for the standard Westernised salsa bell.



Watch the videos to hear the magical sound these bells can produce in an ensemble!


Here's me demonstrating a whole set (December 2014):

And another set demonstration (March 2015):

And another set demonstration (January 2016):

7 inches:


9 inches:


11 inches:


14 inches:


21 inches:


(The largest size is made from thicker metal)

(Sizes may vary slightly)

March 2016 re-welds: https://youtu.be/OMtaNv_lzCQ