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  • (Bbed-oo)  (I-GBin)

    Traditional Yoruba ceremonial drums, played with straight sticks and hand, producing strong deep tones.

    They are related to other shrine drums, such as ÀGBÁ / IGBE / ILU OSUGBO, SATÓ (names can vary depending on usage) 


    Used in traditional religious settings or for kings and dignitaries. Played singularly or in sets, from two up to about seven, they are often painted and/or feature elaborate body carvings.

    They vary greatly in size - the largest Gbedu is made from a whole tree trunk - as can be seen in Fela Kuti's (and now Seun Kuti's) Egypt 80 band and also in the Kalakuta museum.


    For an Ijebu king:

    For a Lagos king:

    Quick demo of Egan:

    Biggest size:



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