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Current bookings 2024:

January 21st  with Abel Selacoe's African Strings @ The Barican, LONDON, UK

February 1st  Drumming workshop@ Nursery event, KENT, UK

February 9th  with Mulatu Astatke @ Théâtre de Villejuif, VILLEJUIF, FRANCE

February 11th  with Mulatu Astatke @ Metropol, BERLIN, GERMANY

February 13th  with Mulatu Astatke @ Gloria Theatre, COLOGNE, GERMANY

February 17th  with William Chapmen Nyaho @ The African Concert Series, Wigmore Hall, LONDON, UK

February 20th  Drumming workshop@ Nursery event, LONDON, UK

February 24th  Family Craft Workshop @ The African Concert Series, Wigmore Hall, LONDON, UK

March 1st  with Mulatu Astatke @ Brecht Festival, AUGSBERG, GERMANY

March 3rd with Mulatu Astatke @ Uppsala Konsert and Kongress, UPPSALA, SWEDEN

March 9th  with IROKO Theatre Co "Home from Home"@ Black Cultural Archives, LONDON, UK

March 14th  with NOK Ensemble @ Church of Sound, LONDON, UK

March 16th  with IROKO Theatre Co "Home from Home"@ Stratford Library, LONDON, UK

April 14th  Private Event @ GLOUCESTER, UK

April 20th  with Chris Cobson Afrojazz Quartet @ Swindon Jazz Festival, UK

April 25th  Drumming workshop@ Nursery event, LONDON, UK

April 28th  with NOK Ensemble @ Brick Lane Jazz Festival, LONDON, UK

May 14th with Pidgin Opera @ Wilton's music Hall, LONDON, UK

May 15th with Pidgin Opera @ Wilton's music Hall, LONDON, UK

May 22nd  Drumming workshops/Kirikou Day@ School event, LONDON, UK

May 23rd  with NOK Ensemble @ Jazz Refreshed, LONDON, UK

May 24th  with Bukky Leo Afrobeat Quintet @ Portico Gallery, LONDON, UK

May 25th  Open Drumming workshop LONDON AFRICAN FOOD WEEK @ Africa Centre, LONDON, UK

May 29th with Pidgin Opera @ Royal Albert Hall Elgar Room, LONDON, UK

May 31st  Closing Event LONDON AFRICAN FOOD WEEK @ Africa Centre, LONDON, UK

June 1st   with Chris Cobson Afrojazz Quartet @ SWINDON, UK

June 13th  Drumming workshop @ Nursery event, KENT, UK

June 14th  with NOK Ensemble @ Peckham Levels, LONDON, UK

June 19th  Private Event @ LONDON, UK

July 6th  with Mulatu Astatke @ Tachikawa Stage Garden, TOKYO, JAPAN

July 12th  with Mulatu Astatke @ Jazz a Vienne Festival, VIENNE, FRANCE

July 13th  with Mulatu Astatke @ Bilbao BBK Live Festival, BILBAO, SPAIN

July 14th  with Mulatu Astatke @ Bilbao Pirineos sur, LANUZAR, SPAIN

July 16th  Drumming workshop @ Nursery event, LONDON, UK

July 17th  Drumming workshop @ Nursery event, KENT, UK

July 19th  @ Nigeria Global Powerlist Awards, UK

July 20th 11:30am with African Concert Series "African Art Music for Woodwind" @ Wigmore Hall, LONDON. UK

July 30th  with Chris Cobson Afrojazz Quartet @ Royal Oak, SWINDON, UK

August 15th  Drumming workshop @ Nursery event, LONDON, UK

August 20th  with Mulatu Astatke @ Nice Jazz Festival, NICE, FRANCE

August 31st  with Mulatu Astatke @ Jazz:RE:Found @ CELLA MONTE, ITALY

October 15th  with Bukky Leo's Black Egypt Fela Kuti Birthday @ Jazz Cafe, LONDON, UK

October 18th  TBC

November 1st  with Mulatu Astatke @ Annabel, ROTTERDAM, NETHERLANDS

November 2nd  with Mulatu Astatke @ Palladium, WARSAW, POLAND

November 3rd with Mulatu Astatke @ Cnetrum Kultury, POZNAN, POLAND

November 8th with Mulatu Astatke @ Teatro Celebrazioni, BOLOGNA, ITALY

November 10th with Mulatu Astatke @ La Cartonnerie, REIMS, FRANCE

November 13th with Mulatu Astatke @ Le Trianon, PARIS, FRANCE

November 15th with Mulatu Astatke @ Le Fil, Saint-Étienne, FRANCE

November 16th with Mulatu Astatke @ La Coopérative de Mai, Clermont-Ferrand, FRANCE

November 17th with Mulatu Astatke @ Le Bikini TOULOUSE, FRANCE

November 19th with Mulatu Astatke @ BEE-Flat, BERN, SWITZERLAND

November 20th with Mulatu Astatke @ Le Trianon, PARIS, FRANCE

November 21st with Mulatu Astatke @ Cosmopolite, OSLO, NORWAY

December 30th  with Bukky Leo's Black Egypt @ Jazz Cafe, LONDON, UK




Current bookings 2025:

February 5th  African Concert Series Children's workshop @ Cayman Arts Festival, CAYMAN ISLANDS

February 6th  African Concert Series performance with Rebecca Omordia/Glen Inanga @ Cayman Arts Festival, CAYMAN ISLANDS

Previous bookings 2023:

January 21st  with Bukky Leo's Black Egypt "The Funk of Nigeria"@ Ronnie Scott's, LONDON, UK

February 9th with Mulatu Astatke @ Sala Apolo, BARCELONA, SPAIN

February 10th with Mulatu Astatke @ Centro Cultural de Murcia - Fundación Mediterráneo, ALICANTE, SPAIN

February 11th with Mulatu Astatke @ Centro Cultural de Murcia - Fundación Mediterráneo, ALICANTE, SPAIN

February 22nd  with Dele Sosimi @ Jazz Cafe, LONDON, UK

February 25th  with Mulatu Astatke @ Inkonst, MALMO, SWEDEN

February 26th  with Mulatu Astatke @, LEUVEN, BELGIUM

March 11th  with Kham Quartet @ Al Bustan International Festival, BEIRUT, LEBANON

March 18th  with COVCO @ Cafe Oto, LONDON, UK

March 27th  Drumming workshops, SWINDON, UK

March 30th  with Mulatu Astatke @ Le Quai M, LA ROCHE SUR YON, FRANCE

March 31st  with Mulatu Astatke @ La Belle Electrique, GRENOBLE, FRANCE

April 3rd with Mulatu Astatke @ Moods, ZURICH, SWITZERLAND

April 7th with Bukky Leo's Black Egypt Fela Kuti tribute@ Beck Theatre, LONDON, UK

April 14th Private Function, LONDON, UK

April 15th with Chris Cobson @ Swindon Jazz Festival, SWINDON, UK

April 22nd with Mulatu Astatke @ Cully Jazz Festival, CULLY, SWITZERLAND

April 23rd  Family/Interactive Concert/Workshops  - African Concert Series @ Forty Hall, ENFIELD, UK

April 29th  Song Queen - A Pidgin Opera  @ St John's Church, W2, LONDON, UK

April 30th  Private recording session @ LONDON, UK

May 9th  Private Event @ OXFORD, UK

May 13th  solo/feature/collab @ The African Concert Series, Wigmore Hall, LONDON, UK

June 2nd with Dele Sosimi Afrobeat Orchestra @ Kala Festival, DHERMI, ALBANIA

June 6th  Nursery drumming/storytelling workshops, LONDON, UK

June 9th with Mulatu Astatke @ Pustervik, GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN

June 11th with Dele Sosimi and friends @ Ronnie Scotts, LONDON, UK

June 17th with Ibibio Sound Machine @ Dia de La Musica Europeo, MADRID, SPAIN

June 18th with Chris Cobson Quartet @ Black Mountain Jazz Club WALES, UK

June 21st  Open drumming workshops, Summer Solstice Festival, Hendon, LONDON, UK

June 24th  Private function, LONDON, UK

June 27th  School Drum/Dance/Drama workshops, LONDON, UK

July 1st  with Mulatu Astatke @ Down the Rabbit Hole Festival, BEUNINGEN, NETHERLANDS

July 2nd  with Mulatu Astatke @ Love Supreme Festival, GLYNDE, UK

July 5th with Mulatu Astatke @ Copenhagen Jazz Festival, COPENHAGEN, DENMARK

July 6th with Mulatu Astatke @ Gent Jazz Festival, GENT, BELGIUM

July 8th  with Mulatu Astatke @ Pohoda Festival, TRENCIN, SLOVAKIA

July 10th with Iroko Theatre Co @ school event, KENT, UK

July 11th-12th Recording Session @ SUFFOLK, UK

July 14th with Ibibio Sound Machine @ Llangollen, WALES, UK

July 17th - 21st with Femi Elufowoju's 54/60 Africa @ National Theatre, LONDON UK

July 22nd with Ibibio Sound Machine @ Ludlow Castle, LUDLOW, UK

July 24th with Gavin Holligan @ Pizza Express Holborn, LONDON UK

July 25th  Nursery drumming/storytelling workshops, LONDON, UK

July 29th with Dele Sosimi Afrobeat Orchestra @ Womad Festival, UK

August 3rd with Mulatu Astatke @ Ozora Festival, DÁDPUSZTA, HUNGARY

August 6th with Mulatu Astatke @ Tempio di Giunone @AGRIGENTO, ITALY

August 10th with Mulatu Astatke @ Stormen Koserthus, BODO, NORWAY

August 12th with Mulatu Astatke @ Sildajazz, HAUGESUND, NORWAY

August 14th with Mulatu Astatke @ Oslo Jazz Festival, OSLO, NORWAY

August 21st with Mulatu Astatke @ Helsinki Festival, HELSINKI, FINLAND

August 23rd with Mulatu Astatke @ Elbphilharmonie, HAMBURG, GERMANY

August 26th Drumming workshops, LPF Kiddies Club, LONDON, UK

August 31st with Mulatu Astatke @ Jazz a la Villette, PARIS, FRANCE

September 2nd with Mulatu Astatke @ Jazz in the park, CLUJ-NAPOCA, ROMANIA

September 7th with The Venus Bushfires @ The Cockpit Theatre, LONDON, UK

September 9th with Dele Sosimi Afrobeat Orchestra @ LoveJam Festival, TUNBRIDGE WELLS, UK

September 23rd  Private Event @ LONDON, UK

September 24th with The Venus Bushfires @ Koko, LONDON, UK

September 29th Private Event Nigeria Independence @ SUSSEX, UK

October 1st Drumming workshop with Culture Tree @ Southwark Town Hall, LONDON, UK

October 5th  Ekomo Art Project Exhibition, Waterstones, Finchley, LONDON, UK

October 12th School drumming workshops @ SURREY, UK

October 13th School drumming workshops @ LONDON, UK

October 14th  with Dele Sosimi Afrobeat Orchestra - Fela Kuti party@ Stange Brew, BRISTOL, UK

October 15th  with Bukky Leo's Black Egypt  - tribute to Fela Kuti @ Jazz Cafe, LONDON, UK

October 22nd Drumming workshops for African Concert Series @ Forty Hall, ENFIELD, UK

October 25th  with IROKO Theatre Co "Home from Home"@ Willesden Green Library, LONDON, UK

October 26th  Nursery drumming/storytelling workshops, LONDON, UK

October 27th Eparapo album launch @ The Forge, Camden, LONDON, UK

October 28th Talking drum workshops with Culture Tree @ Surrey Quays Shopping Centre, LONDON, UK

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