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  • (o-gi-doh)    (ag-ba-mo-lay)

    A set of soft skinned conga-like drumset with stands, from Yorubaland. Made from lightweight omo wood with goat skin.(Plastic skins also available on request) Played with hands, not sticks! Also known as Ogido and sometimes Akuba. Can be heard providing the back beat of many old Nigerian Jùjú and APALA recordings. They are also often slung over the shoulders by street musicians, or found in Yoruba churches, Kegite social/palm-wine societies along with square frame drums, as well as being featured by modern day recording artists such as Lagbaja. Usually in sets of three, but can be purchased individually.

    Watch videos for the unique playing techniques..


    with SAMBA DRUMS in a Kegite social club:

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