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  • (ba-ta)

    The original family of traditional bata drums from Yorubaland, with a distinctive "throaty" tone on the large side and very sharp slap sound on the small side. Played by hand on the large end and with a strip of leather (bilala) on the smaller end.

    The tuning paste on the lower end controls the drum's tone.

    Traditionally, these drums are played in a set of at least three and they are used for traditional religious or social settings (for which the drummers must be initiated).

    As with other Yoruba drums, it is the largest mother drum (Iyalu), that leads the talking, whilst wearing special bata saworo bells.

    *The Omele Ako bata is a set of three mini bata drums tied togther and makes a very melodious addition to the ensemble. They have been migrated to many other styles of Yoruba music as a result.

    Decorated drum strap (Full Length) and bilala included.

    *Available with traditional skin tuning or with nylon cord tuning. *Available in natural leather or indigo dyed leather.

    (Agudaa is a now less used single mini support drum from which the Omele Ako bata was derived)


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