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* Free 30 min ZOOM lesson with each ADÀMỌ̀ purchase!



SIZE GUIDE (approx inches)


OMELE                       6.5" x  5"

OMELE LARGER      8.5" x  6"

APALA                        11" x 6.5"                 

ADAMO                     11" x 7.5"

ISAAJU                     14" x 8"

IKEHIN                        16" x 9"

IYALU                           19" x 9"

XL IYALU                    19" x 10"

KERIKERI                   19" x 11"







  • (Doon Doon)


    Traditional, Professional quality Yoruba talking drums from Nigeria,also known as GANGAN ("gong-gong") played with a curved stick (included) and worn over one shoulder with a leather or towel strap.

    These drums produce amazingly rich tones; their pitch shifts dramatically when squeezed, in order to replicate the human voice. They are arguably the most prominent drum in Yoruba culture. Acomplished Yoruba drummers use these instruments to recite proverbs, praise audience members etc. They can also be used as a wonderful sound effect in any type of percussion set up."Dundun"  means "sweet sound" in Yoruba language and these drums make exactly that! 

    There are many sizes available, so please check below.


    • OMELE  smallest size (usually tied up/played at one fixed high pitch)
    • ÀPÀLÀ  medium/small drum used to talk/lead/support 

    • *ADÀMỌ̀ most popular size used to lead/talk/support, with the widest tonal range (includes free 30 min Zoom lesson)

    The larger Iyalu talking drum (Mother drum) is often played with two sets of saworo (bells) attached to igbaju (decorated wide leather straps) that are attached to the front and back of drum when playing for dignitaries/special ocassions.They create a wonderful sound!

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