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  • Also know as SAMBA, GOUMBE, TAMALIN, 4-CORNER, and SHIKO, these lightweight drums produce long warm tones and bright slaps. Usually held between the knees or sideways on one leg played as a support drum or to accompany songs.

    Used in a variety of mobile contexts such as traditional street music, processions, KEGITE social/palm wine societies (along with OGIDO DRUMS as well as churches. Can be played with hand or stick, held flat on the lap, or sideways across the knee.


    They can be further tuned by banging in a set of small wooden wedges (provided) at the back of the drum.


    This history of these drums is very interesting as they were introduced to West Africa (especially Sierra Leone, Ghana and  Nigeria) by the Maroon people and other returning freed slaves from the Americas/Caribbean.

    They are now found all across West Africa.

    Watch the link for one way of playing these drums:


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